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okcoin 爱沙尼亚

I’ve lived in three countries in my life, and I travel on a regular basis. I wouldn’t go as far as to say that we should have global open borders, but there are ways that the life of the new breed of global entrepreneurs could be easier.

我一生住在三个国家,并且定期旅行。 我不会说我们应该有全球开放的边界,但是有很多方法可以使新型的全球企业家的生活变得更轻松。

One of those is registering a business. Registering a business outside of your country of residence has historically been reserved for those who have big businesses or those up to no good (or both). I would guess that many of you reading this live in one country, have perhaps lived in (or have strong connections to) another, and work for clients in others—paid in a variety of currencies.

其中之一是注册业务。 从历史上讲,在拥有大企业或不称职者(或两者兼有)的企业中,只能在您居住国家/地区以外的地方注册企业。 我猜想,你们中的许多人在一个国家/地区生活阅读,也许住在另一个国家(或与之有紧密联系),并为其他国家/地区的客户工作-以各种货币支付。

爱沙尼亚的游戏规则改变者 (A Game Changer from Estonia)

Enter Estonia’s e-Residency program, an intriguing idea with big aims.

进入爱沙尼亚的e-Residency计划 ,这是一个很有目标的有趣想法。

e-Residency offers to every world citizen a government-issued digital identity and the opportunity to run a trusted company online, unleashing the world’s entrepreneurial potential.


I think it’s a fantastic concept, and I love that many smaller countries around the world have decided to try these sorts of ideas. They have nothing to lose, so are trying ideas that larger or older countries either wouldn’t or couldn’t ever try.

我认为这是一个很棒的概念,并且我喜欢世界上许多较小的国家已经决定尝试这种想法。 他们没有什么可失去的,因此尝试更大或更老的国家不会或永远不会尝试的想法。

One of the main advantages of Estonia’s program is that Estonia is an EU member, which opens your business to the EU trading zone and gives you access to bank accounts and financial tools (e.g. PayPal) in Euros—a globally recognized currency.


I’m a British citizen, but lived in Australia for seven years (where my business is currently registered), and I’ve been living in Germany for the past year. Much of my contract and freelance work is undertaken with clients outside of Germany, and I remain uncertain what my best approach is.

我是英国公民,但是在澳大利亚住了七年(目前我的公司在那儿注册),并且过去一年一直在德国居住。 我的合同和自由职业者大部分工作都是与德国境外的客户进行的,我仍然不确定自己最好的方法是什么。

To me, and many like me, Estonia’s e-Residency program seems a dream come true, and I was keen to give it a try. I was aware of the program already, and then met some of its representatives at an event in Finland who encouraged me to sign up on the spot. I wanted to research more first (and write this article), but the fact it was even possible was amazing.

对我以及像我这样的许多人来说,爱沙尼亚的电子居留计划似乎梦想成真,因此我渴望尝试一下。 我已经知道了该计划,然后在芬兰的一次活动中会见了该计划的一些代表,他们鼓励我当场签约。 我想先研究更多(并写这篇文章),但事实上甚至是令人惊奇的。

这不是公民身份 (This Is Not Citizenship)

As an e-Resident of Estonia, your rights are purely for business. So for anyone looking for a loophole to EU citizenship, this isn’t it. You get no extra rights to entry that you’re not entitled to already.

作为爱沙尼亚的电子居民,您的权利纯粹是出于商业目的。 因此,对于任何寻求欧盟公民身份漏洞的人来说,不是吗。 您无权获得尚未获得的额外访问权。

步骤是什么? (What Are the steps?)

Let’s look at the steps involved in actually applying to be an e-citizen of Estonia.


填写申请表 (Fill in the Application Form)

The one page application form can be found here. It asks some simple questions about your current residency/address, and asks you to upload images of your passport that will be used to verify your identity when you collect your card. You’ll be asked why you want to apply for the citizenship. Finally you’ll be asked where you want to collect your card from when it’s ready. There are many locations available around the world, and the fee you pay may depend on your location.

一页申请表可以在这里找到 。 它将询问有关您当前居住地/地址的一些简单问题,并要求您上传护照的图像,这些图像将在您提取卡时用于验证您的身份。 系统将询问您为什么要申请公民身份。 最后,系统会询问您准备好从何处收集卡。 世界各地有很多可用的地点,您所支付的费用可能取决于您所在的地点。

确认和付款 (Confirmation and Payment)

Next, you’ll need to confirm details and pay. Annoyingly (as is common with visa applications generally) you still have to pay for the application, even if it’s not successful. The other negative is that the process will then take at least a month. (I guess there are still bureaucrats who need to check things over, even if the beginning of the process is progressive.)

接下来,您需要确认详细信息并付款。 令人烦恼的是(尽管签证申请通常不成功)您仍然需要为该申请付费。 另一个不利因素是该过程至少需要一个月。 (我想仍然有官僚需要检查一下,即使此过程的开始是渐进的。)

After roughly a month, I received my conformation in the form of an email. I was informed when I could collect my card and starter pack from my chosen collection point, the Estonian embassy in Berlin. I had to show some ID, and gathered my ID card, card reader and some minimal documentation.

大约一个月后,我以电子邮件的形式收到了我的确认信。 我被告知何时可以从我选择的收集地点-爱沙尼亚驻柏林大使馆领取卡和入门包。 我必须出示一些证件,并收集了身份证,读卡器和一些基本文件。

卡验证 (Card Verification)

The Welcome pack includes a USB card reader used in combination with the ID Card’s chip for identity verification when you wish undertake an action such as opening a bank account or changing your details.


Next visit e-estonia.com/e-residents/welcome to download and install the reader software for your operating system:


Open the reader to 90˚, slide the card face up into the thin slot at the bottom and plug it into a spare USB slot:


Launch the downloaded card reader. On my Mac, this is the DigiDoc3 Client application. The screen should display something like this:

启动下载的读卡器。 在我的Mac上,这是DigiDoc3 Client应用程序。 屏幕应显示如下内容:

Once you have confirmed that your card is recognized, the final step is to click the blue Entrance button in right hand corner of the welcome web page, and then enter the supplied pin code to confirm the card.


You may be asked to create or select a digital signature certificate during the process. I experienced some issues with this, and generally found that Safari and Firefox were the most stable browsers. I was informed by the e-Residency support department that this is a known issue and not essential to taking part in the program—which doesn’t put me at ease, but there you go!

在此过程中,可能会要求您创建或选择数字签名证书。 我遇到了一些问题,通常发现Safari和Firefox是最稳定的浏览器。 e-Residency支持部门通知我,这是一个已知问题,对于参加该计划不是必不可少的-这并不能使我感到轻松,但是您就可以了!

下一步是什么 (What’s Next)

Great, you’re now an Estonian business citizen, but what does this mean we can actually do?


建立业务 (Establish a Business)

In theory, this is a simple process. You can register a business online at the Estonian Company registration Portal using your E-Resident card as access.

从理论上讲,这是一个简单的过程。 您可以使用您的电子居民卡在爱沙尼亚公司注册门户上在线注册企业。

Unsurprisingly, it isn’t quite that simple. You’ll need an Estonian address to do this, and there are links to companies that will register a virtual address for you—though I couldn’t find details when I followed them. The e-Residency team says it’s working to make this process easier and more seamless.

毫不奇怪,它并不是那么简单 。 您将需要一个爱沙尼亚地址,并且有指向将为您注册虚拟地址的公司的链接,尽管当我关注它们时我找不到详细信息。 e-Residency小组表示,它正在努力使此过程更轻松,更无缝。

开立银行账户 (Open a Bank Account)

The program is an ideal solution if you need a Euro-based bank account in the European Union. Getting a bank account may or may not be a simple process, and is rather up to the partner bank you contact through the e-Residency portal. It will also need one face-to-face meeting for compliance reasons. Again, the team are working to make this process simpler and more seamless.

如果您需要在欧盟使用基于欧元的银行帐户,则该程序是理想的解决方案。 获得银行帐户可能不是一个简单的过程,而是取决于您通过e-Residency门户联系的合作伙伴银行。 由于合规性原因,它也需要召开一次面对面的会议。 同样,团队正在努力使此过程更简单,更无缝。

数字签名 (Digital Signatures)

Digital signatures are a popular method for securely signing a document and verifying the signee’s identity. Digital signatures issued under the Estonian e-Residency program are recognized under EU and US laws. This is the simplest task to undertake with your Estonia e-Residency and requires no extra steps.

数字签名是一种流行的方法,用于安全地对文档进行签名并验证签署者的身份。 根据爱沙尼亚电子居留计划发布的数字签名在欧盟和美国法律中得到认可。 这是您在爱沙尼亚电子居留所要执行的最简单的任务,不需要任何额外步骤。

结论 (Conclusion)

My feeling is that the e-Residency program is at something of a “beta” stage. It’s a fantastic idea, but not yet fully formed. I love what Estonia is trying to accomplish. It even has a developer program with hack events planned. How amazing is that!

我的感觉是,电子居留计划处于“测试”阶段。 这是一个很棒的主意,但尚未完全形成。 我喜欢爱沙尼亚想要达到的目标。 它甚至有一个计划有黑客事件的开发人员程序。 那太神奇了!

However, many of the practical steps for using the residency are still too difficult and “old world”. I appreciate that this is mainly due to factors beyond the program’s control, such as third parties. And (as noted above) it’s acknowledged that work is needed to rectify this.

但是,使用居住权的许多实际步骤仍然太过困难和“旧世界”。 我明白这主要是由于第三方无法控制该计划所致。 并且(如上所述),我们需要纠正这一问题。

I recommend you sign up to their newsletter and apply for the program if you wish. It may not be much use to you right now, but hopefully the near future will offer the ideal digital nomad citizenship thanks to a small progressive country nestled on the Baltic coast.

我建议您注册他们的新闻通讯,并根据需要申请该计划。 现在对您来说可能用处不大,但是由于波罗的海沿岸有一个进步的小国,希望不久的将来能提供理想的数字Nomad公民身份。

翻译自: https://www.sitepoint.com/registering-a-business-globally-with-estonias-e-residency/

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