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In July, we discussed the positive — but mostly negative — effects of a Chrome monoculture. Did web users take notice and try another application? The latest StatCounter browser statistics prove otherwise …

7月,我们讨论了Chrome单一文化的积极影响-但主要是消极影响。 网络用户是否注意到并尝试其他应用程序? 最新的StatCounter浏览器统计数据证明不是……

2016年6月至7月全球台式机和平板电脑浏览器统计 (Worldwide Desktop & Tablet Browser Statistics, June to July 2016)

The following table shows browser usage movements during the past month.


BrowserJuneJulychangerelativeChrome57.99%58.40%+0.41%+0.70%Firefox14.14%13.96%-0.18%-1.30%IE118.18%7.38%-0.80%-9.80%oldIE2.59%2.38%-0.21%-8.10%Edge2.55%2.79%+0.24%+9.40%Safari4.28%4.15%-0.13%-3.00%iPad Safari5.33%5.60%+0.27%+5.10%Opera1.68%1.75%+0.07%+4.20%Others3.26%3.59%+0.33%+10.10% 浏览器 六月 七月 更改 相对的 Chrome 57.99% 58.40% + 0.41% + 0.70% 火狐浏览器 14.14% 13.96% -0.18% -1.30% IE11 8.18% 7.38% -0.80% -9.80% 老IE 2.59% 2.38% -0.21% -8.10% 边缘 2.55% 2.79% + 0.24% + 9.40% 苹果浏览器 4.28% 4.15% -0.13% -3.00% iPad Safari 5.33% 5.60% + 0.27% + 5.10% 歌剧 1.68% 1.75% + 0.07% + 4.20% 其他 3.26% 3.59% + 0.33% + 10.10%

2015年7月至2016年7月全球台式机和平板电脑浏览器统计 (Worldwide Desktop & Tablet Browser Statistics, July 2015 to July 2016)

The following table shows browser usage movements during the past twelve months:


BrowserJuly 2015July 2016changerelativeChrome51.89%58.40%+6.51%+12.50%Firefox15.68%13.96%-1.72%-11.00%IE1110.84%7.38%-3.46%-31.90%oldIE6.34%2.38%-3.96%-62.50%Safari9.74%9.75%+0.01%+0.10%Opera1.81%1.75%-0.06%-3.30%Others3.70%6.38%+2.68%+72.40% 浏览器 2015年7月 2016年七月 更改 相对的 Chrome 51.89% 58.40% + 6.51% + 12.50% 火狐浏览器 15.68% 13.96% -1.72% -11.00% IE11 10.84% 7.38% -3.46% -31.90% 老IE 6.34% 2.38% -3.96% -62.50% 苹果浏览器 9.74% 9.75% + 0.01% + 0.10% 歌剧 1.81% 1.75% -0.06% -3.30% 其他 3.70% 6.38% + 2.68% + 72.40%

(The tables show market share estimates for desktop browsers. The ‘change’ column is the absolute increase or decrease in market share. The ‘relative’ column indicates the proportional change, i.e. Edge’s user base grew 9.4% last month. There are several caveats so I recommend you read How Browser Market Share is Calculated and StatCounter vs NetMarketShare.)

(下表显示了桌面浏览器的市场份额估计值。“更改”列是市场份额的绝对增加或减少。“相对”列表示成比例的变化,即Edge的用户群上个月增长了9.4%。有几点警告因此,我建议您阅读如何计算浏览器市场份额以及StatCounter与NetMarketShare 。)

For the past year, it’s been much the same story: Chrome grows at the same rate Internet Explorer falls. The proportion of Firefox, Safari and Opera users has remained fairly static. No other browser has managed to make an impact on the market.

在过去的一年中,情况大致相同:Chrome的增长速度与Internet Explorer的下降速度相同。 Firefox,Safari和Opera用户的比例一直保持稳定。 没有其他浏览器能够对市场产生影响。

It’s evident that users like Chrome — but are there alternatives you should consider? Firefox and Safari are the obvious options, but don’t discount other competitors.

显然,用户喜欢Chrome,但您是否应该考虑其他选择? Firefox和Safari是显而易见的选择,但不要打折其他竞争对手。

歌剧 (Opera)

Few users were pleased when Opera dropped Presto, adopted Chromium’s Blink engine and released Opera 15 in May 2013. Its numerous features were radically stripped back to become Chrome-lite.

当Opera放弃Presto,采用Chromium的Blink引擎并于2013年5月发布Opera 15时,很少有用户感到满意。Opera15的众多功能被彻底剥夺,成为Chrome-lite。

Much has happened during the past two years. The browser now supports:

在过去两年中发生了很多事情。 浏览器现在支持:

a built-in ad blocker

内置广告拦截器 the old turbo mode, which minimizes bandwidth and speeds up browsing by compressing page assets via a proxy server before they reach you


a Virtual Private Network for secure browsing (currently available in the beta and developer editions)

用于安全浏览的虚拟专用网络 (当前在beta版和开发版中可用)

improved memory management, which more than halves Chrome’s bloated requirements

改进了内存管理 ,将Chrome的过大要求减少了一半以上

a new video pop-out feature, which allows you to move videos out of the browser to your desktop while you do other work (in Opera 38 with further enhancements in v39).

一项新的视频弹出功能 ,可让您在执行其他工作时将视频从浏览器移至桌面(在Opera 38中,v39进行了进一步增强)。

Opera is a fine choice if you want a browser which is similar to Chrome but starts faster, runs quicker, feels slicker and respects privacy. But …

如果您要使用类似于Chrome的浏览器,但启动速度更快,运行速度更快,感觉流畅并且尊重隐私,那么Opera是一个不错的选择。 但是...

Opera’s browser business has been sold to a Chinese consortium led by Qihoo 360 for $600 million. The deal is yet to be approved by regulators, and there’s unlikely to be any immediate changes, but the browser’s future direction is less certain.

Opera的浏览器业务已以6亿美元的价格卖给了奇虎360牵头的中国财团 。 该交易尚待监管机构批准,并且不太可能立即做出任何更改,但浏览器的未来方向尚不确定。

边缘 (Edge)

Despite the ridicule received by Internet Explorer, Microsoft Edge is a fine browser:

尽管Internet Explorer引起了人们的嘲笑,但是Microsoft Edge还是不错的浏览器:

Edge looks great, launches faster and runs quicker than most competitors

Edge看起来很棒,发布速度更快,运行速度也比大多数竞争对手快 it offers some novel features, such as the reading list and web note which lets you annotate and share pages

它提供了一些新颖的功能,例如阅读列表和网络注释,可让您注释和共享页面 extensions will be available in the August 2, 2016 update

扩展程序将在2016年8月2日更新中可用 it integrates well with Windows, including Cortana’s speech-based assistant and the Start menu.


The downsides? Edge is only available in Windows 10 and some developer tools are a little less polished than others.

不利之处? Edge仅在Windows 10中可用,某些开发人员工具的完善程度略低于其他工具。

I use Edge frequently and it’s become my default PDF viewer! Try it.

我经常使用Edge,它已成为我的默认PDF查看器! 试试吧 。

维瓦尔第 (Vivaldi)

We’ve discussed Vivaldi several times. In summary, Vivaldi also uses the Blink engine and offers a highly-customizable browsing experience which is ideal for power users. It’s probably what Opera 15 should have been.

我们已经讨论了维瓦尔第 几 倍 。 总之,Vivaldi还使用Blink引擎,并提供了高度可定制的浏览体验,非常适合高级用户。 这可能是Opera 15应该的样子。

Vivaldi is growing steadily with a 0.02% market share — or one in every 5,000 web users. The browser will shortly offer a built-in news reader and email client.

Vivaldi稳步增长,市场份额为0.02%,即每5,000个Web用户中有一个。 该浏览器不久将提供内置的新闻阅读器和电子邮件客户端。

勇敢 (Brave)

Brave is another Blink-based browser. Development is overseen by Brendan Eich — the father of JavaScript. (Read SitePoint’s interview with Brendan about Brave.) Brave’s purpose is to block harmful advertising and tracking while still supporting website publishers. I’m yet to be convinced this noble aim will be effective, but we’ll know more when the final release arrives.

Brave是另一个基于Blink的浏览器。 开发工作由JavaScript之父Brendan Eich负责。 (请参阅SitePoint对Brendan的关于Brave的采访 。)Brave的目的是在阻止有害广告和跟踪的同时仍支持网站发布者。 我尚未确信这个崇高的目标将是有效的,但是当最终版本到来时,我们会知道更多。

2016年6月至7月全球移动浏览器统计数据 (Worldwide Mobile Browser Statistics, June to July 2016)

Desktop vs mobile has been swinging wildly and, following June’s 2% drop, mobile usage jumped 3.3% and now accounts for 47.19% of all web activity. If that happens again, mobile will overtake desktop in September 2016.

桌面设备与移动设备之间的波动一直很大,继6月份下降2%之后,移动设备使用量跃升了3.3%,现在占所有网络活动的47.19% 。 如果再次发生这种情况,移动设备将在2016年9月取代台式机。

The top mobile browsing applications for the month were:


Mobile BrowserJuneJulychangerelativeChrome38.23%38.56%+0.33%+0.90%iPhone18.95%18.53%-0.42%-2.20%UC Browser14.24%14.39%+0.15%+1.10%Opera Mini/Mobile10.77%11.22%+0.45%+4.20%Android7.83%7.29%-0.54%-6.90%Samsung Internet6.30%6.55%+0.25%+4.00%IEMobile1.61%1.47%-0.14%-8.70%Others2.07%1.99%-0.08%-3.90% 手机浏览器 六月 七月 更改 相对的 Chrome 38.23% 38.56% + 0.33% + 0.90% 苹果手机 18.95% 18.53% -0.42% -2.20% UC浏览器 14.24% 14.39% + 0.15% + 1.10% Opera Mini /手机 10.77% 11.22% + 0.45% + 4.20% 安卓系统 7.83% 7.29% -0.54% -6.90% 三星上网 6.30% 6.55% + 0.25% + 4.00% IEMobile 1.61% 1.47% -0.14% -8.70% 其他 2.07% 1.99% -0.08% -3.90%

The largest increase was for Opera Mobile (Android) and the old feature-phone edition of Opera Mini (although you can also get it on Android and iOS). I doubt there’s any significant reason — unless billions of Chinese suddenly discovered a good reason to switch?

增长最大的是Opera Mobile( Android )和旧版的功能手机版Opera Mini(尽管您也可以在Android和iOS上获得它)。 我怀疑是否有重大原因- 除非数十亿中国人突然发现改行的好理由?

If you’d like to get to know Craig a little better, and learn some of the background to this Browser Trends series, listen to the interview with Craig on SitePoint’s Versioning Show podcast.

如果您想更好地了解Craig,并了解本浏览器趋势系列的一些背景知识,请在SitePoint的Versioning Show播客中收听Craig的访谈。

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