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The month of December was a quiet one on the Ambassador front. Everyone was looking forward to the End of Year Holidays. Well, almost everyone. A few of our fellow Ambassadors took advantage of the quiet time and racked activity after activity. Chief among them, and the winner of the Ambassador of the Month for January, is our one and only Thomas Greco.

12月在大使战线上是一个安静的月份。 每个人都期待着年底假期。 好吧,几乎每个人。 我们的一些大使大使利用了安静的时间并在活动后忙碌地进行活动。 其中一位是我们唯一的一位,也是唯一一位托马斯·格列柯(Thomas Greco) ,他是1月当月大使的获胜者。

Thomas is a full stack web developer living and working in the Big Apple (that’s New York City for the rest of the world). Although he started his career doing graphic design, he has a special passion for JavaScript. Thomas found a treasure of resources and information on SitePoint Premium (back then Learnable), which helped him to polish his skills to his current level. In return, he decided to help other people follow the same path.

托马斯(Thomas)是一个全职的Web开发人员,在大苹果(在世界其他地方是纽约市)生活和工作。 尽管他开始从事平面设计的职业,但他对JavaScript具有特别的热情。 托马斯(Thomas)在SitePoint Premium上发现了很多资源和信息(当时称为Learnable),这有助于他将自己的技能提高到目前的水平。 作为回报,他决定帮助其他人走同样的道路。

The results are over a dozen published articles on SitePoint, as well as several instructional videos available in the SitePoint Premium library. We asked Thomas about his involvement at SitePoint:

结果是在SitePoint上发表了十几篇文章 ,以及SitePoint Premium库中提供了一些教学视频。 我们向Thomas询问了他在SitePoint的参与情况:

Now, I’m lucky enough to propose different content that I find interesting, and prepare it so that tens of thousands of students can gain from it. Each day I work to write articles and record videos so that those who wish to learn programming can be provided with solid material.

现在,我很幸运地提出了自己感兴趣的不同内容,并进行了准备,以便成千上万的学生可以从中受益。 每天我都会写文章和录制视频,以便为那些希望学习编程的人提供坚实的材料。

At first, teaching truly did seem like a daunting task, as it leaves very little room for error. But with great risk comes great rewards, and it feels great to have my name attached to work that has really helped people.

起初,真正的教学确实是一项艰巨的任务,因为它几乎没有出错的余地。 但是冒着巨大的风险会带来丰厚的回报,将我的名字贴在对人们有帮助的工作上,真是太好了。

As a result of my past work at SitePoint, I was lucky enough to become a SitePoint Ambassador during a time of closed enrollment. Since joining, my involvement here at SitePoint has only increased (a great deal of this is due to our Slack channel). I’ve been lucky enough to build relationships with not only my superiors, but also different writers and video contributors all over the world. This has been my favorite part. Having said that, I highly recommend applying for the Ambassador program to all of our readers who are interested in learning about technologies and wish to share the good word of SitePoint!

由于我过去在SitePoint工作的结果,我很幸运在非公开招募期间成为SitePoint大使。 自加入以来,我在SitePoint的参与才增加了(这很大程度上归功于我们的Slack频道)。 我很幸运能够不仅与我的上司建立关系,而且与世界各地的不同作家和视频撰稿人建立关系。 这是我最喜欢的部分。 话虽如此,我强烈建议向所有对学习技术感兴趣并希望分享SitePoint良好口号的读者申请“大使计划”!

​Why thank you Thomas! It’s always inspiring to hear the stories of fellow contributors.

为什么要感谢托马斯! 听到其他贡献者的故事总是令人鼓舞。

Feel free to follow Thomas on his website and Twitter.

随时关注Thomas的网站和Twitter 。

​Furthermore, with 2015 behind us, we take a look back at the past year which marked the genesis of the Ambassador program. To illustrate this, I have created a small infographic depicting the impact of Ambassadors in 2015. I hope you enjoy it! (You can click to enlarge it.)

此外,随着2015年的到来,我们回顾一下标志着大使计划起源的过去一年。 为了说明这一点,我创建了一个小图表,描绘了2015年大使的影响 。 我希望你喜欢它! (您可以单击放大。)