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Managing a WordPress site can be a challenging task, especially if your site is receiving a lot of web visitors. There are a whole slew of activities, ranging from creating quality content regularly, to keeping up with comments, managing social media networks, to implementing content marketing strategies and so on, you need to manage everything.

管理WordPress网站可能是一项艰巨的任务,尤其是在您的网站吸引了大量网络访问者的情况下。 从定期创建高质量的内容到跟上评论,管理社交媒体网络,实施内容营销策略等一系列活动,您需要管理所有内容。

Although WordPress is an ingenious platform, you need to spend a lot of time and energy in making your site look outstanding from all perspectives. You always need to make sure that the changes you make to your site work in your favour. However, analysing each and every WordPress task becomes difficult, but with the help of WordPress automation tools and plugins, you can achieve your goals with ease.

尽管WordPress是一个独创的平台,但您需要花费大量时间和精力来使您的网站从各个角度看起来都很出色。 您始终需要确保对站点所做的更改对您有利。 但是,分析每个WordPress任务变得很困难,但是借助WordPress自动化工具和插件,您可以轻松实现目标。

Fortunately, WordPress offers a plethora of tools and plugins that enable you to automate your WordPress tasks in minutes. By allowing your WordPress site to do all the heavy lifting by itself, you’ll be able to concentrate more on other imperative aspects that can boost your productivity and efficiency.

幸运的是,WordPress提供了许多工具和插件,使您能够在几分钟内自动完成WordPress任务。 通过允许您的WordPress网站自行完成所有繁重的工作,您将能够将更多的精力放在可以提高生产率和效率的其他必要方面。

Here’s a list of some of the best WordPress tools and plugins that will automate some of the key tasks of your website.


1.引力自动测试仪 (1. Gravitate Automated Tester)

Availability: WordPress Plugin Directory

可用性: WordPress插件目录

Gravitate Automated Tester makes it easy for you to run tests against your PHP or JavaScript code. Although it’s ideal for developers, anyone can use it – all thanks to its simple and user-friendly interface.

Gravitate Automated Tester使您可以轻松地针对PHP或JavaScript代码运行测试。 尽管它是开发人员的理想选择,但任何人都可以使用它-这一切都要归功于其简单易用的界面。

The plugin simply checks for PHP errors, JavaScript errors, and other warnings. In fact, it allows search engines to index your site automatically in production and disallow them to index the site in Dev and Staging.

该插件仅检查PHP错误,JavaScript错误和其他警告。 实际上,它允许搜索引擎在生产中自动为您的网站建立索引,而不允许它们在“开发和登台”中为网站建立索引。

2.社交媒体自动发布 (2. Social Media Auto Publish)

Availability: WordPress Plugin Directory

可用性: WordPress插件目录

It’s an amazing social media automation plugin for WordPress that publishes posts automatically to the popular social media networks, such as Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. This plugin eases the process of attaching images to posts.

这是一个很棒的WordPress社交媒体自动化插件,可将帖子自动发布到流行的社交媒体网络,例如Facebook,LinkedIn和Twitter。 该插件简化了将图像附加到帖子的过程。

The best feature of the Social Media Auto Publish plugin is that it allows you to filter shares by category or custom post types in seconds. However, you’ll need to create an application with each social networking profile in order to connect your account with the plugin, but it’s a straightforward process so you don’t need to worry about it.

社交媒体自动发布插件的最佳功能是,它使您可以在几秒钟内按类别或自定义帖子类型过滤共享。 但是,您需要为每个社交网络配置文件创建一个应用程序,以便将您的帐户与该插件建立联系,但这是一个简单的过程,因此您无需担心。

3. WordPress到Twitter (3. WordPress to Twitter)

Availability: WordPress Plugin Directory

可用性: WordPress插件目录

This plugin automatically posts a Twitter update whenever you update your WordPress blog or add a link, along with the selected URL shortening service.


Since Twitter has become one of the best social sharing platforms for sharing blog posts, you should incorporate the WordPress to Twitter plugin to automate this social media marketing task. Adding hashtags to blog post topics becomes easy as you can format your tweets before publishing.

由于Twitter已成为共享博客文章的最佳社交共享平台之一,因此您应将WordPress集成到Twitter插件中以自动执行此社交媒体营销任务。 将标签添加到博客文章主题变得容易,因为您可以在发布前格式化推文的格式。

In addition, it automatically sends published posts to your Twitter profile whenever the post goes live. There is also a premium version of this plugin that enables you to schedule tweets, tweet a post or add images multiple times.

此外,只要帖子发布,它就会自动将发布的帖子发送到您的Twitter个人资料。 该插件还有一个高级版本,使您可以安排鸣叫,鸣叫帖子或多次添加图像。

4.协同计划 (4. CoSchedule)

Availability: WordPress Plugin Directory

可用性: WordPress插件目录

CoSchedule is an editor calendar plugin for WordPress that helps you schedule posts automatically in a calendar view. It’s an ideal tool for content marketing and social scheduling. It saves you time by keeping you and your team organised for different social media marketing campaigns.

CoSchedule是WordPress的编辑器日历插件,可帮助您在日历视图中自动安排帖子。 这是内容营销和社交计划的理想工具。 通过使您和您的团队有组织地进行不同的社交媒体营销活动,可以节省您的时间。

All you need to do is integrate this plugin into your WordPress site, and it’ll help you collaborate, schedule, and automate all of your social media and content marketing activities in seconds.


5. UpdraftPlus (5. UpdraftPlus)

Availability: WordPress Plugin Directory

可用性: WordPress插件目录

If you want to automate the backups and restoration tasks of your site, then UpdraftPlus is an ideal option for you. You can backup your site to the Cloud, Google Drive, Rackspace Cloud, Dropbox or UpdraftPlus Vault. You can then even restore in a few clicks.

如果您想自动执行站点的备份和还原任务,那么UpdraftPlus是您的理想选择。 您可以将网站备份到Cloud,Google Drive,Rackspace Cloud,Dropbox或UpdraftPlus Vault。 然后,您甚至只需单击几下即可恢复。

The plugin runs backups automatically on a repeating schedule to let you focus on other important things. In fact, it automatically resumes or retires the failed uploads and allows you to download backup archives directly from your WordPress dashboard.

该插件会自动重复执行备份,使您可以专注于其他重要事项。 实际上,它会自动恢复或退出失败的上传,并允许您直接从WordPress仪表板下载备份档案。

结论 (Conclusion)

Automating different WordPress tasks can help you focus on the other essential aspects of your site that can boost the efficiency of your work and let you generate more leads for your business.


With the help of these 5 plugins, you can automate tasks for your WordPress site and help make your way to being a successful site owner.


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