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The range of hosting options has become bewilderingly complex during the past few years. The basics are simple: a computing device has software installed which can respond to a network event such as a request for a webpage. How that hardware and software is installed, configured, organised, packaged, promoted and sold is the primary difference between all hosting options.

在过去的几年中,托管选项的范围变得非常令人困惑。 基础很简单:计算设备安装了可以响应网络事件(例如,网页请求)的软件。 所有主机选项之间的主要区别是如何安装,配置,组织,打包,升级和出售该硬件和软件。

Those running large websites or applications could opt for a dedicated server. This would provide a device for their sole use in a data center capable of handling with thousands of daily visitors and heavy processing.

那些运行大型网站或应用程序的用户可以选择专用的服务器 。 这将提供一种仅可在数据中心中使用的设备,该设备能够处理数千名日常访问者并进行繁重的处理。

However, a dedicated server is overkill for the vast majority of websites with a few dozen pages receiving a few hundred visitors per day. The cost would be prohibitive and the device would run idle most of the time. Shared hosting becomes a more viable option.

但是,对于大多数网站而言,专用服务器是多余的,几十个页面每天接待数百名访客。 成本过高,并且设备大部分时间都处于空闲状态。 共享主机成为一种更可行的选择。

Web hosts such as SiteGround provide shared servers where you lease private space for your website. Many other companies will be leasing space on the same device so the processing, storage and costs are shared accordingly. In essence, it’s a dedicated server with multiple users.

Web主机(例如SiteGround)提供共享服务器,您可以在其中租用网站的专用空间。 许多其他公司将在同一设备上租用空间,因此相应地分担了处理,存储和成本。 本质上,它是具有多个用户的专用服务器。

使用方便 (Ease of Use)

Shared servers are possibly the easiest hosting option because you will be provided with a set of pre-installed technologies such as PHP, MySQL, email, web builders, WordPress, free templates, etc. Systems such as cPanel also offer simple configuration through a graphical web interface.


Hosts normally offer a wide range of software because, once it has been configured and tested, every client on that system can benefit.


灵活性 (Flexibility)

The range of software provided on a shared server can be extensive but you get what you’re given. That may be all you need if your requirements are fairly typical.

共享服务器上提供的软件范围很广,但是您可以得到所得到的。 如果您的要求很典型,那可能就是您所需要的。

However, you will not normally be able to install your own software. Options such as Git, Node.js and NoSQL databases are rarely provided because they’re in less demand or more difficult to lock-down. You may need to shop around to find the exact service you require.

但是,您通常将无法安装自己的软件。 很少提供诸如Git,Node.js和NoSQL数据库之类的选项,因为它们的需求较少或更难以锁定。 您可能需要货比三家,以找到所需的确切服务。

能力 (Capabilities)

Shared hosts normally limit disk space, processing and bandwidth. It’s rarely an issue but your site could be taken down if it exceeds those maximums. The host cannot provide a lesser service to other clients because your site is receiving thousands of requests owing to a successful SEO campaign.

共享主机通常会限制磁盘空间,处理和带宽。 很少有问题,但是如果超过这些最大值,您的网站可能会被关闭。 主机不能向其他客户端提供较少的服务,因为成功的SEO活动导致您的站点收到数千个请求。

However, hosts normally offer upgrades should you require better support, more regular back-ups, additional disk space or migration to a more powerful server. These are often seamless so you can upgrade when necessary.

但是,如果您需要更好的支持,更常规的备份,更多的磁盘空间或迁移到功能更强大的服务器,则主机通常会提供升级。 这些通常是无缝的,因此您可以在必要时进行升级。

性能 (Performance)

Performance is dependent on the server’s capabilities and what others are doing on the same device. Resources are shared so your performance will be affected if someone else’s site is busy. As mentioned, hosts may throttle or take down a busy site to ensure performance remains stable.

性能取决于服务器的功能以及其他人在同一设备上执行的操作。 资源是共享的,因此如果其他人的站点繁忙,则会影响您的性能。 如前所述,主机可以节流或关闭繁忙的站点,以确保性能保持稳定。

Hosts also vary. Those offering free hosting may assign thousands of clients to an underpowered server. Better hosts will typically assign a few dozen clients to a faster machine. You get what you pay for.

主机也有所不同。 那些提供免费托管的服务器可能会将成千上万的客户端分配给功能不足的服务器。 更好的主机通常会将数十个客户端分配给速度更快的计算机。 你得到你所付出的。

可靠性 (Reliability)

Like dedicated servers, a shared server is only as reliable as the hardware. It will eventually fail.

像专用服务器一样,共享服务器仅与硬件一样可靠。 最终将失败。

That said, most shared servers have good reliability. A failure could mean dozens of angry customers so hosts have a compelling reason to monitor devices and back-up regularly.

也就是说,大多数共享服务器都具有良好的可靠性。 故障可能意味着数十名愤怒的客户,因此主机有充分的理由定期监视设备并进行备份。

安全 (Safety)

A shared server is locked down to save users from themselves. You won’t be permitted to do anything dangerous or access another user’s account.

共享服务器被锁定以从中保存用户。 您将无权从事任何危险或访问其他用户的帐户。

It’s more difficult to go wrong but a shared host won’t prevent you from trashing a database or deleting every file. Fortunately, back-ups may be a click away.

更容易出错,但是共享主机不会阻止您破坏数据库或删除每个文件。 幸运的是,只需单击即可备份。

安全 (Security)

Security is the host’s responsibility so the server will be resilient to attack. However:

安全是主机的责任,因此服务器可以抵抗攻击。 然而:

A Denial of Service (DoS) attack on one clients website will affect yours. Hosts should react quickly but you should expect some downtime.

一个客户网站上的拒绝服务(DoS)攻击将影响您的网站。 主机应该做出快速React,但是您应该希望有一些停机时间。 No host cannot prevent you using weak passwords or publicly publishing credentials!


成本 (Cost)

Shared servers are one of the most cost effective hosting options. In essence, the cost a dedicated server is split between multiple clients. Prices are typically a few dollars per month and rarely rise. Some hosts even offer free shared space in exchange for advertising on your site.

共享服务器是最具成本效益的托管选项之一。 从本质上讲,专用服务器的成本在多个客户端之间分配。 价格通常是每月几美元,很少上涨。 有些主机甚至提供免费的共享空间,以换取您网站上的广告。

谁应该选择共享服务器? (Who Should Choose a Shared Server?)

Shared hosting is ideal for beginners or smaller sites with typical requirements and fewer than a couple of hundred visitors per day.


It’s easy to shop around for a service which matches your requirements and most hosts provide easy (often free) migration services should you want to change provider. SiteGround is offering up to 65% off for SitePoint readers.

很容易四处寻找符合您要求的服务,如果您想更改提供商,大多数主机都提供简单(通常免费)的迁移服务。 SiteGround为SitePoint读者提供高达65%的折扣 。

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